GWK Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Contract Manufacturing and Assembly

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As service provider we offer contract manufacturing for all metals and plastics as well as assembly and functional testing of assemblies and systems.

Contract Manufacturing of components made of metals and synthetic materials:

  • Machining production (CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding)
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Welding, Soldering, Gluing

Surface Treatment:

  • Glass bead blasting and pickling
  • Hardening and coating (galvanic, plasma nitriding, hard coating)
  • Industrial painting (e.g. matt black for optical aisles)
  • Cleaning


  • Fused deposition modeling with plastics ABS plus and vinyl
  • Integration of additional components (thread carriers, cannulas)
  • Surface treatment for applications in medical devices

Assembly of assemblies and devices:

  • Assembly and adjustment
  • Electrical wiring and pneumatic tubing
  • Device test with test report
  • Technical documentation according to the machinery directive and for medical devices

All services and quality assurance from a single source, for prototypes and series production.

Quickly available tools and equipment for production

Tools and equipment can increase productivity and manufacturing quality. With small measures, large savings in costs can be achieved. GWK Precision Technology is a specialist in the fast and precisely fitting engineering of tools, equipment, devices and measuring equipment.

When inspecting production sites, we see potential for optimization with a trained eye:

  • Measures to ensure product quality
  • Efficiency of production process
  • Functional costs of processing steps
  • Availability and suitability of equipment

This is followed up by an action plan proposal:

  • Monitoring and quality assurance of production processes
  • Optimization of production processes according to costs
  • Modification of machinery
  • Provision of improved devices, tools and interfaces

A needs-based improvement of the production environment may include the analysis of production processes, measures for optimization as well as the engineering and manufacturing of equipment.