Laboratory equipment and desktop production equipment

The following examples of laboratory devices are made up of modular assemblies. This allows a quick and cost-effective creation of test setups, as well as the later production of CE-compliant laboratory equipment in series:


Microarray-Chip-Reader with autosampler

This highly sensitive multiplex detection system detects and quantifies organic compounds. It is used to screen legionella, pathogens, antibiotics, bio-warfare agents. An autosampler processes up to 50 samples fully automatically.



for food analysis using nitrocellulose strips.

Große Monolytische-Affinitätssäulen-Filtration (Big-MAF)

Monolytic Affinity Column Filtration

for the filtration of pathogens from 20 liters of sample to 200 ml of concentrate.

Auto Refüller

Filling System

for the semi-automatic filling of small, customer-specific sample bottles. Up to 3 reagents can be filled and mixed with high dosing accuracy for dosing quantities from 50µl - 5 ml.


Spinning Thread System

for the production of artificial silk.